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  • Hanson Acres
    I write a regular fiction column about an intergenerational family farm for Country Guide magazine. Find the latest here: Leeann Minogue in Country Guide.
  • Grainews
    This isn't the kind of writing I was planning to post when I set up this site, but here is a link to a recent Grainews editorial that includes an aerial view of our farm: Editor's Column. Eventually, I'll find a way to add another play to the list above.


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Leeann Minogue is a writer, mom, and farm wife in southeast Saskatchewan.

Leeann is the author of three plays, comedies set in rural Saskatchewan. A new play is in the works.

Leeann works from home as the editor of Grainews, a magazine for Western Canadian Farmers, and writes a regular column in Country Guide. Before moving to the farm, Leeann's work experience included time at the Provincial Government's Rural Issue Office, the Treasury Board branch of Saskatchewan Finance, the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM), and Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food. She has a B. Comm. and an M.Sc. (Agricultural Economics) from the U of S.